Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Save Pakistan

Couple of days back I along with my parents was invited to a dinner party. We were invited by friend of my father who was visiting Pakistan after many years. As always everyone was talking about good old days then topic of discussion went towards past and present of Pakistan. They way they portrayed Pakistan was simply fantastic. Very less traffic, almost no pollution, traditional way of life etc.

Afterwards I was forced to think that what went wrong? Fact of the matter is that we did not plan anything for our future. In every country people try to conserve their traditions but we want to get modern in a most negative way that is forgetting out culture and way of life. Countries have work hard to safeguard their historical places. From The Great Wall of China to Pyramids of Egypt, from Taj Mehal of India to Mayan ruins of Mexico and from Eiffel Tower of Paris to Statue of Liberty of New York. But what happens here is really heart breaking. Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) is losing it colours, Takhat-e-Babri in Kalar Kahar is almost nonexistent, Mohenjo Dao is fading away and list continue.

Now the point is …………. It’s time to play our part. We just can’t any longer stay indifferent. We have to start to raise the voice to save Pakistan. We have to realize that if drastic measures are not taken now things will go worse in very less time and we might lose the beauty of our beloved homeland for ever.

So lets us join our voices and play our part in any way possible for us.

Pakistan Zindabad!!!


  1. Yes agreed.Lack of long term planning has brought all of us at this stage.Even if we want to solve our problems, problems wont go!Problems have strengthened their roots in our country.
    Moreover,so many sects and so many opinion differences will make this process even more difficult!

  2. @Reebz
    May be problems won't go but we can't take it on our concious. So weather it works or not, I say we give it a try.

    Thanks for being with us.

  3. you are right. we need to stand up.

  4. We should start contributing our part. This is the only way forward

  5. I think, every one among us knows that it's time to do for our Pakistan, we talk about this a lot but we do not take any step for betterment of Pakistan. We are Zubaan k Ghazi. There are many things that we do individually, yes we have to play our role honestly, at least by not becoming the part of corruption not consuming electricity unlawfully. BTW nice topic, I also wanna to write about this to motivate. :)