Short Introduction to Pakistan (پاکِستان)


Pakistan is where I live, breathe, eat, sleep …it’s the place I call my own, my home.

Where ever I go I proudly claim myself as a Pakistani citizen and I have every reason to be proud of being a Pakistani. My country has it all…everything that a piece of land requires to call itself a nation ..a country.

PAKISTAN means PURE LAND..a land formed for a pure religion ISLAM,  for a pure nation the MUSLIMS on 14 August 1947 after sacrificing lives of millions and struggles of many. They said that Pakistan does not stand a chance of survival yet it survived and it still is surviving even after all the terrible things like terrorism, earthquakes and floods, it is still standing its grounds and still moving on and it will continue to move forward because it is a land of miracles, it has Allah’s blessings with it  along with the prayers of its people..THE PAKISTANI’S.

Officially Pakistan is a federation of four provinces, i.e Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa.
It official language is Urdu whereas various other provincial and local languages are spoken.

It is a versatile land divided into pleatues, mountains, coastal areas of Arabian sea, deserts, forests, hills and everything one can ask for.

It has four seasons summers, winters, autumn and spring along with monsoon or the rainy season which is a favorite season of all.

It is rich in flaura and fauna. All types of delicious fruit ,vegetables, trees, herbs and shrubs grow. Animals and birds of various types are found.

It is a culturally diverse and rich country with each province having a distinct culture, living standard and norms, folk lores, artists, crops, festivals, songs and carnivals. Recreational activites exist in both urban and rural areas.

It has one of the strongest and bravest military in the world. Apart from the military men its locals are also very brave and optimistic. It is rich in talented  doctors, engineers, business men, industrialists ,farmers, artisit  and people from every walk of life.

It was the first muslim nation to have given the females right to vote and to have  a female prime minister Mauhtarma Benazir Bhutto.

Pakistan has friendly relations with its neighbouring countries (Iran,Afghanistan, China and  India). Although its conflicts with India on various issues exist but it has never hesitated in terms of extending a hand of friendship.

Although it is a country facing challenging problems like poverty, illiteracy, corruption, terrorism and political issues, the hustle and bustle of life continues and I am positive that it is almost time that things will start changing and my beloved country will develop into a country envied by allJ

Map of Pakistan


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