Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Contribution Towards Pakistan

When I hear people saying that things are not going well and leaders have done nothing for us, it makes me think that we all do lots of crabbing but contribute little.

I have seen many people complaining that trash truck didn't come so our street are getting dirty but they themselves don’t put the trash in trashcans. People complaining about pollution and their cars emitting black smoke. People complaining about load shedding but then there is electricity all unnecessary lights of their homes are on. So where is the problem? I am not saying that over government is doing an excellent job but what I am saying that we are also not contributing towards our country. Putting all responsibility over government is easy but playing our part honestly is difficult.

We all should try hard and do our part with full devotion and should contribute in our capacity. Those of us who are good at writing should pick up the pen. Those of us in other businesses should do that honestly thus bring good name to our beloved land.

Pakistan is a very beautiful country. It has snow covered mountains, deserts, sea and rivers. Pakistan is a country that is full of potential and all that is needed is a push toward right direction. I am sure if we get out attitude right we will progress in few years.

We can benefit from tons of tourism and for that we just have to make Pakistan appealing to others. We can tell the world the world that here we can do anything from skiing to sailing in one tour. We have to show the world “how beautiful Pakistan is” and this is all what this blog is about.


  1. you are very right :) thumbsup to the little efforts that a common man can make :)

  2. @ Asma
    Thanks for letting me contribute in your blog.

  3. Hi guys. A very well written blog. I am pleased to see that we still have people like you in our country who can see the actual side of the picture. We all need to add our positive energy in order to have a stronger pakistan a better pakistan. I'll b following your blog if it is ok with you guys. Thanks!!

  4. @Murtaza
    We will be pleased if you followed the bolg. Thanks for appreciating. :-D

  5. @murtaza....welcome ji welcome:D

  6. very well said....
    thx for sharing it ...
    u knw everybody out of us knws all this,,bt the people needs just a reminder...
    i wish that everybody shud read it nd participate their feelings..

  7. Asma, better start taking distilled water :-)

    And thanks for visiting.

  8. We do need to pull or socks and start taking care of all small things. Only then we will be able to progress